2018 best family cars

Best Family Cars

Whether it comes to a normal outing or just casual daily driving, it is imperative that you use the right vehicle as your daily driver. Of course, you can ride around that Zonda Pagani all day, but even a billionaire would get tired of constantly looking for a gas station to fill up. There are all times you would have your kids fighting in the back or just your friends in general just getting the best times of their lives by traveling outside to the countryside or to a music festival. You have your heart to heart talks and those date nights. Either way, having a comfortable car would ensure that you and your family would have those best nights. Here are some of the best family cars you can buy and have won awards for being the best.

• FORD EDGE 2018

This is a really handsome and a very spacious SUV which has two rows. This is a really great car to be having. And it is not that expensive. It has two best car awards and here is some of the pros

Best Family Cars

It has a really friendly user info-entertainment system
It is very spacious and comfortable and a very quiet cabin
It has a fuel economy which is above average with a standard engine.
It is really smooth. The handling is that of a car.
the transmission, however, is slower than the other rivals

it has five seating and 315 horsepower

• Honda CR-V 2018

This is ranked one as the compact SUV category. It is number one in small SUV, number one in SUV with two rows and the number one in the crossover SUV segment. It is top of its segments class and has great safety scores. It has really good mileage and great high cabins. Its last version was just launched in 2017 and this year’s version really delivers. It also has the turbocharged version which would give you the extra mileage and power for you to go the distance. Thanks to its many features like the sizeable cabin, wealthy safety features and positive feedback from many automotive writers, it is named as the best compact SUV for the family 2018

It has a great cargo area
Great quality cabin
Great ride
Good crash test scores

Five seating and 190 horsepower

• Mercedes Benz GLE

Class is the best luxury SUV when it comes to families, mainly when it comes to the strong engine it has, the great standard features and status. The ride quality is not good compared to the other car which is far less expensive In its segment. Even the driving dynamics aren’t as polished as the others. This car isn’t worth buying now mainly because you can get better cars for the better price.

It has a lot of great engine choices
Very posh and luxuries design
Lots of features you can include
The AMG version has 23 more horsepower to drive and go the distance.