Rape and its laws


Crime is a form of unconsented form of physical assault. This is also taken as a violent act. It can be considered abuse even when the victim is unconscious, unable to give consent or is not in a physical body condition to provide it with (incapacitated). There are many types. They are all under the circumstances of a crime and include, date rape, statutory rape, and others. The different types of jurisdictions will recognize the various forms of abuse. There is aggravated stat and others. They will have different types of sentencing. The definition of rape with a lesser sexual crime will vary with jurisdiction

• Consent

The absence of consent is what plays a significant role when it comes to sexual intercourse. This is a critical factor. A spouse can rape another spouse, and their act of marriage can be considered a form of consent.


• Statutory Rape

What is stat rape is a hotly debated topic? This happens when the person you have intercourse with is below the age of 18. This is because the minor herself is not able to give legal consent, and so it is considered a crime. There is no need for any sort of intent to be there.

• Marital rape

The woman was considered the property of their husband. So with this in place, they would be able to commit any forms of crime without having any consent/permission being placed or needed. This has however changed over time with the woman gaining equal rights under the law. Rape charges under the marital act have also changed

• Date Rape

Date rape is a form of abuse which is increasing in popularity because of the fuel and another online dating. Nowadays, people have a lot of self-awareness when it comes to this and who it is they are meeting. The way this rape works is that the partner is being slipped a drug when they are outside having food and is then rendered unconscious .the most common of drugs is called roofies. Because of this the victim is not able to give any form of consent and is not able to provide the details therefore not being able to recollect the incidents would give the crime doer to escape.

Now however there are cases of a woman raping men. The supreme court states that these types of cases are not being put under rape but under a different offense IPC. There was a public hearing on behalf of these cases to make these types of cases gender neutral. There is an urgent requirement then. Out of 222 men that were surveyed they seemed to be about 16.1 percent that has been “forced” into an incestual rape. The sections used are 354C, 354D, 354A, 375 article 14 and article 15

Tesla And Its Models


Tesla is an American electric vehicle and the automotive company that is based in California. They specialize in manufacturing and providing the best electric vehicles to the market. They also make solar panels and solar roofs which is one of the best version of solar panels that you can put onto your house to cut down costs and electricity to make sure that you get off grid performances and low costing bills. Sometimes no bills at all. They have many plants but there most famous is the Gigafactory which is its main facility. As of June year 2018, it sells the model s, the model x, the model 3, the lower wall, the powerpack batteries, solar panels and solar tiles with lots of related products as well. It was founded by engineers Martin Eberhard and marc tarpenning by the name Tesla motors. The name of the company was made under Nicola Tesla, one of the most legendary physicist.


The model S

The model S is a five-door sedan which is fully electric a and was first introduced on June 22. The highest of its range was the S 100D it is equipped with a 100kwh battery pack and can go a range of 335 miles which is higher than any other electric car. The December report of survey satisfaction has the Tesla Model S all the way to the top. The consumption of the 90d model is at 3.096 miles per kWh. The Tesla model s was redesigned to match its new model x. The sales of the car skyrocketed in places like Norway because of all the benefits the government provided for having an electric car. Also in Denmark. With over 250 thousand units in September.

The model X

This is the SUV luxury Electric vehicle that Tesla sells. It’s a crossover utility vehicle which has falcon wings. It has a range of up to 475 km, and the combined fuel economy is equal to an all wheel drive p90 D. the. It is popular among celebrities as it is really fast. Like really fast. It beats many of its competitors who have full petrol turbocharged thousand horsepower monsters under the hood.

Model 3.

This s the most affordable car that Tesla has made. It was sold by Tesla following the crash testing it had gone through from which it had received a three-star rating. It delivers 354 km, and its long range gives a 499 km range. It has a minimal design on the dashboard and is fully capable of receiving updates in the option. With a week of unveiling it, they received over three hundred twenty-five thousand reservations which represented a sale of 14 billion dollars. Their reservations grew again to 455000. It is their best budget car and most family friendly due to its big spacious and calm driving it presents.

Best jobs to have in 2018

Best jobs

There are many jobs that you can you go for and get in today’s world. Whether it be those long hour ones or just work you can casually sit and be quiet and do in general. But there are some works where you can just sit all day long and expect things to be done by themselves. It requires long hours and lots of commitment. For this now we have the list of works you can do and is currently some of the best jobs you can have in 2018

• Fitness trainer

A fitness trainer is someone who doesn’t give up. He will make sure that he gets what he wants. This is where we need someone to rely on — someone we need to believe in. And that is exactly what he/she does. A fitness trainer will make sure that you get what you want. They will make sure you get up every day in the morning to reach where you need to be. Pushes you and motivates you, every step of the way. Fitness trainers are n’t people whole just let things be and will surely push you to your limits. This type of profession is very people oriented and requires people to be on point to do the things that they need.

Best jobs

• Personal financial advisor

If you think that you are amazing and great at maths, then this could be the job for you! Plus if you are really interested in investments and finances, then this is one of the jobs you were born to be in. I just know your numbers and be really accurate when it comes to it. There are many families now making the big bucks, and so there would be wanting financial help. They would want to be able to save the money for retirement or be able to invest it into more goodies for the future. With that being said you would be known by other people for the good work you do and will be brought by them as well. You need a bachelors in accounting and a masters degree with a specialization in this

• Skincare specialist

There has been a growing trend of people really grown a liking to their skin. Which is not a bad thing for business. This is what will help people look flawless when they go out into the sun and are able to be confident in what they are doing. For that, we have skin care specialists. Many skin issues are catching up lately with those who have light or soft skin. This is where the skin specialists come in. They have studied the skin and all the wonders behind it to know what works best and what doesn’t. With that being said it is easy to identify many of these problems like rashes and acne yourself but to get rid of it should be done by an expert. They would need an accredit from cosmetology or aesthetician

Artificial intelligence is the projection of human intelligence onto a computer

Artificial intelligence

These would include learning by taking in information and rules for using the information — reasoning which is using those rules to reach a proper conclusion or to reach the purpose of the AI itself and self-corrective actions. It is the new ERA of modern-day computing. With AI plugged in, people would be able to leave their offices to have their computer do much of their work for them.
There are many types of AI which are categorized and here are two examples.

Artificial intelligence
Weak AI- these is the AIs that are also known as narrow AI. And they are designed and made only for a particular program. They are usually used as personal assistance and have a fixed amount of data and information it can use to give the user.
Example- SIRI from APPLE and CORTANA from WINDOWS
Strong AI- this is known as the Artificial General Intelligence. This is an AI with Human abilities which are cognitive. This means that when there is a given task which is out of bounds of what it usually has learned or knows, it must use the information it has to provide a feasible solution. To find out whether an AI is capable of being an “AI,” the Turing test was made by Alan Turing in 1950. This is a test which is used to find out whether a computer can think like a human.

AI can be used for a wide variety of things. Here are some examples
Automation- this is what makes a system or a simple service or a process in general fully automatic.. it can be programmed in such a way that it would be able to produce the highest amount when it comes to production output and value than what would usually be done by humans.
Machine learning- this is where AI gets strong. In this type of Ai, the computer would program itself to achieve a specific goal. It can give a very predictive analysis of what all can be used to make the said goal
Supervises learning; this is where the patterns are labeled so that new sets of data is learned
Unsupervised learning; this is where the models aren’t marked so that the data is sorted according to the similarities and dissimilarities
Reinforcement learning; there are no marked, but the AI performs a task many times over and gives back feedback.

Machine vision: the science of letting the computers see. This involves using computers and technology like sensors to be used as eyes. With the information which they receive which is ten times more than what the normal human eye receives because of the infrared thermal scans and X-rays, their won’t be any biological deterrence that comes in the way.

Natural language processing: the processing and understanding of human by a computer. This is one of the oldest, and it is known for spam detection. It will see the subject line and will check if the text of the email is legitimate, else it will treat it as junk.

2018 best family cars

Best Family Cars

Whether it comes to a normal outing or just casual daily driving, it is imperative that you use the right vehicle as your daily driver. Of course, you can ride around that Zonda Pagani all day, but even a billionaire would get tired of constantly looking for a gas station to fill up. There are all times you would have your kids fighting in the back or just your friends in general just getting the best times of their lives by traveling outside to the countryside or to a music festival. You have your heart to heart talks and those date nights. Either way, having a comfortable car would ensure that you and your family would have those best nights. Here are some of the best family cars you can buy and have won awards for being the best.

• FORD EDGE 2018

This is a really handsome and a very spacious SUV which has two rows. This is a really great car to be having. And it is not that expensive. It has two best car awards and here is some of the pros

Best Family Cars

It has a really friendly user info-entertainment system
It is very spacious and comfortable and a very quiet cabin
It has a fuel economy which is above average with a standard engine.
It is really smooth. The handling is that of a car.
the transmission, however, is slower than the other rivals

it has five seating and 315 horsepower

• Honda CR-V 2018

This is ranked one as the compact SUV category. It is number one in small SUV, number one in SUV with two rows and the number one in the crossover SUV segment. It is top of its segments class and has great safety scores. It has really good mileage and great high cabins. Its last version was just launched in 2017 and this year’s version really delivers. It also has the turbocharged version which would give you the extra mileage and power for you to go the distance. Thanks to its many features like the sizeable cabin, wealthy safety features and positive feedback from many automotive writers, it is named as the best compact SUV for the family 2018

It has a great cargo area
Great quality cabin
Great ride
Good crash test scores

Five seating and 190 horsepower

• Mercedes Benz GLE

Class is the best luxury SUV when it comes to families, mainly when it comes to the strong engine it has, the great standard features and status. The ride quality is not good compared to the other car which is far less expensive In its segment. Even the driving dynamics aren’t as polished as the others. This car isn’t worth buying now mainly because you can get better cars for the better price.

It has a lot of great engine choices
Very posh and luxuries design
Lots of features you can include
The AMG version has 23 more horsepower to drive and go the distance.

6 Skills Needed for All Jobs


Information on independent property advisors


When it comes to purchasing, renting or selling a building or home, there are many different things to consider. It is important to get the best price possible and all of the involved costs must be known. Contracts must be signed and ensuring that the best building is found that will give the best returns is also important. Banks must be dealt with, as well as conveyancers and anyone else that may be involved. As there are so many legalities to take care of, there are many people out there who are looking for more information on independent property advisors. Independent property advisors are experts who are able to offer valuations and advise for commercial and residential purchases, sales, and rentals. They will commonly incorporate strategic risk management into their advice which can empower their clients to make the best decisions possible. They will have the latest industry and market data which will further give their clients the upper hand. One of the best things about independent property advisors is that they can work with their clients to maximise profits, review portfolio objectives, and offer a critical analysis. The services offered by independent property advisors are very popular because people no longer feel like they are going in blind when dealing with a sale, purchase, or rental.

They can offer a house valuation

It is generally common knowledge that a house is only worth as much as someone will pay for it. This price can usually be determined by what other residential homes are selling for in that same area. Sometimes when looking at a home for sale, people will feel that the price isn’t reflecting the current market trends. Furthermore, many feel like they cannot trust the opinion of a real estate agent because they will receive a commission out of a sale. If anyone is ever unsure or they are second guessing what their agent is telling them, they are able to seek the help of independent property advisors who can offer a house valuation. Additionally, independent property advisors are able to review previously supplied house valuations to ensure that they have met legislative guidelines, that it has been completed accurately and that a certified valuer has completed it. When a trusted and unbiased second opinion is needed, many people feel like they are in safe hands when seeking the professional support of independent property advisors.

Commercial valuation services can be offered too

In addition to residential valuations, independent property advisors are able to help with commercial ones too. This can be extremely important because making the right decision about a commercial sale, purchase, or lease can often make or break a business. There are many nightmare stories out there of people who have purchased a business that has included a commercial lease, only to find that the business wasn’t making as much as they were originally told, and they end up getting stuck with a long-term lease and cannot get out of the business. Furthermore, a commercial building may be advertised for much more than it is actually worth. All of this and more can be established before anything is set in concrete which can save many people from making innocent mistakes. One of the greatest benefits to seeking the support of independent property advisors is that they make it more likely that a smart and educated decision will be made.

As it can be seen there are many benefits to seeking the help of professional independent property advisors. They are able to offer a completely unbiased opinion based on facts and thorough research which will immensely help their clients when making important decisions.