Rape and its laws


Crime is a form of unconsented form of physical assault. This is also taken as a violent act. It can be considered abuse even when the victim is unconscious, unable to give consent or is not in a physical body condition to provide it with (incapacitated). There are many types. They are all under the circumstances of a crime and include, date rape, statutory rape, and others. The different types of jurisdictions will recognize the various forms of abuse. There is aggravated stat and others. They will have different types of sentencing. The definition of rape with a lesser sexual crime will vary with jurisdiction

• Consent

The absence of consent is what plays a significant role when it comes to sexual intercourse. This is a critical factor. A spouse can rape another spouse, and their act of marriage can be considered a form of consent.


• Statutory Rape

What is stat rape is a hotly debated topic? This happens when the person you have intercourse with is below the age of 18. This is because the minor herself is not able to give legal consent, and so it is considered a crime. There is no need for any sort of intent to be there.

• Marital rape

The woman was considered the property of their husband. So with this in place, they would be able to commit any forms of crime without having any consent/permission being placed or needed. This has however changed over time with the woman gaining equal rights under the law. Rape charges under the marital act have also changed

• Date Rape

Date rape is a form of abuse which is increasing in popularity because of the fuel and another online dating. Nowadays, people have a lot of self-awareness when it comes to this and who it is they are meeting. The way this rape works is that the partner is being slipped a drug when they are outside having food and is then rendered unconscious .the most common of drugs is called roofies. Because of this the victim is not able to give any form of consent and is not able to provide the details therefore not being able to recollect the incidents would give the crime doer to escape.

Now however there are cases of a woman raping men. The supreme court states that these types of cases are not being put under rape but under a different offense IPC. There was a public hearing on behalf of these cases to make these types of cases gender neutral. There is an urgent requirement then. Out of 222 men that were surveyed they seemed to be about 16.1 percent that has been “forced” into an incestual rape. The sections used are 354C, 354D, 354A, 375 article 14 and article 15