Multifamily Homes Built by Home Builders in WA


There are a variety of home builders WA. These home builders WA are categorized on the different kinds of instructions which need to be considered when one is building a new home. For example, there are various differences between custom homes, production homes, and log homes which can be built which have a rustic feel to them. There are the modern modular homes which on the other hand have modern amenities, comforts and feel to it.

Therefore before one decides on the need to understand what kind of construction they would want, they need to understand the types of homes.



A multi-family home or homes are usually popular in recent years. These multi-family homes consist of different kinds of apartments which have people living in them. These people renting the homes are different from the ones who own the home. Usually, ownership of these multifamily apartments are by a single entity and consists of various units. These units are rented out to different families. The apartments are very affordable; however, they could also be high-end ones which include facilities such as gardens, game rooms, theatres as well as community pools.


Condominium ownership is usually divided into various units. Each of these condos is owned by different buyers. The buyers also share common areas. These buyers usually are of a specific lifestyle, and the reason they go in for these condos is that they want to focus upon specific target groups of people such as there are condos for professionals, for seniors, etc. The condominiums are preferred by those by those who want financial benefits as well as the ability to own a home which has all the amenities and low maintenance.

Mixed-use homes

The mixed-use homes are those which combined retail, commercial, cultural as well as entertainment spaces. In these kinds of homes there are condominiums and apartments which are built along with restaurants, grocery stores, religious places, shops, office buildings and this usually has proximity to public transit stations. This gives the residents convenience.

Student housing

Student housing appeals to those who want to live near the university campuses. The distance of these housing are usually close to the university, and the usual length of duration of the stay is until the person graduates. These kinds of housing include game rooms, places where friends can hang out, parties, fitness centers and spas. These also are close to places of public transport.

Restricted housing

There are housings which are limited to those who are 55 years and older. These are based on their lifestyle. The amenities usually include fitness classes, social clubs as well as lifestyle taken into consideration.

Low-income housing

In order to help manage the cost of individuals and families who cannot afford to go in for other housing, the governments provide low-income housing. This makes it affordable for those who are unable to afford better housing. Subsidized housing does not have much of a difference when it comes to construction value.