Tesla And Its Models


Tesla is an American electric vehicle and the automotive company that is based in California. They specialize in manufacturing and providing the best electric vehicles to the market. They also make solar panels and solar roofs which is one of the best version of solar panels that you can put onto your house to cut down costs and electricity to make sure that you get off grid performances and low costing bills. Sometimes no bills at all. They have many plants but there most famous is the Gigafactory which is its main facility. As of June year 2018, it sells the model s, the model x, the model 3, the lower wall, the powerpack batteries, solar panels and solar tiles with lots of related products as well. It was founded by engineers Martin Eberhard and marc tarpenning by the name Tesla motors. The name of the company was made under Nicola Tesla, one of the most legendary physicist.


The model S

The model S is a five-door sedan which is fully electric a and was first introduced on June 22. The highest of its range was the S 100D it is equipped with a 100kwh battery pack and can go a range of 335 miles which is higher than any other electric car. The December report of survey satisfaction has the Tesla Model S all the way to the top. The consumption of the 90d model is at 3.096 miles per kWh. The Tesla model s was redesigned to match its new model x. The sales of the car skyrocketed in places like Norway because of all the benefits the government provided for having an electric car. Also in Denmark. With over 250 thousand units in September.

The model X

This is the SUV luxury Electric vehicle that Tesla sells. It’s a crossover utility vehicle which has falcon wings. It has a range of up to 475 km, and the combined fuel economy is equal to an all wheel drive p90 D. the. It is popular among celebrities as it is really fast. Like really fast. It beats many of its competitors who have full petrol turbocharged thousand horsepower monsters under the hood.

Model 3.

This s the most affordable car that Tesla has made. It was sold by Tesla following the crash testing it had gone through from which it had received a three-star rating. It delivers 354 km, and its long range gives a 499 km range. It has a minimal design on the dashboard and is fully capable of receiving updates in the option. With a week of unveiling it, they received over three hundred twenty-five thousand reservations which represented a sale of 14 billion dollars. Their reservations grew again to 455000. It is their best budget car and most family friendly due to its big spacious and calm driving it presents.