What Are the Pros and Cons of Taking Up A Career as an Arborist in Sydney?


There are a number of persons who want to take up being an arborist in Sydney as a career option. In spite of the fact that there is a number of options for a person to take up as a career, being arborist still fascinates quite a few people. This is because an arborist is considered as a tree doctor. He or she is one of the persons who take care of the trees. They prune them, diagnose them for diseases, prevent diseases as well as if the tree has diseases, they treat them. There are rare cases in which the arborist may want to cut down and remove the tree, but before they do, they need to make it known as to what is the reason why they are going for removal.

There could be a number of factors and other reasons why they would want to remove a tree. It could be because it is a physical hazard, it could be that the tree is decaying and therefore the only option is to cut the tree down so on and so forth.

persons who take care of the trees

Why become an arborist in Sydney

To become an arborist, there are pros and cons, just like any other career option. Here are some of them listed :


The pros of being an arborist eastern Suburbs Sydney or anywhere in the world are :

  1. The person gets to work with nature. They work around trees.
  2. It is great to be outdoors working when the weather is perfect
  3. if people have climbing trees as a passion, this is the best job for them as their work will be more fun.
  4. One can also make a decent amount of money in this field.
  5. They usually work with a small team of people


  1. Despite the kind of weather, the arborist needs to work outdoors
  2. The person cannot become an arborist unless they have an education. The reason is that this is dangerous work if the person is not aware of the proper use of the tools and equipment or handling of the equipment and tools. If a person is not trained, there are chances that they will miss things which can be health and physical hazard not only to the arborist eastern Suburbs Sydney but also to the surroundings.
  3. The person needs to have full knowledge about the gear as well as physics and even a number of factors which otherwise are considered more theoretical. If they don’t know which equipment is used when and why it should be used or not used, they will end up damaging the trees more than they were before.
  4. This requires a great deal of physical work, and there are quite a few hazards in this career. For example, working with chain saws which are extremely dangerous.

When the person is starting this career at the beginning, they will have huge body aches, and their hands will be burnt due to rope burns. Their body will totally feel the strain of cutting down trees; however as the person gets stronger, more agile and faster, they will enjoy this work.